Dorman 615-188 Upper Intake Manifold for Ford Truck

If you have a 2002 or older Ford F-250 with a 5.4l triton engine that is leaking antifreeze from below the thermostat well or below the cross over tube on either side, then you need this part. This is a known problem for Ford’s from that period. This is a good product and it does its job well for the price. Do not bother going to the major chain auto parts retailers because they are going to give you the same item for at least $50 more. All of the necessary pieces come with the replacement piece, to include a new thermostat and thermostat housing seal. For the most part, they got the build of this part right, however, there are some places where they used self tapping screws into plastic bulk-heads on the piece. MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL PROVIDED DIRECTIONS AND SUPPLEMENTAL DIRECTIONS REGARDING THE INSTALLATION OF THIS PIECE. DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THE DIRECTIONS OR YOU WILL CRACK THE PIECE. The repair is rather simple to do and can be done with only minimal hand tools. While you do not need anything else to replace the intake manifold, you should also replace your spark plugs, anti-freeze and clean your fuel injectors and throttle body. Also have a couple of spark plug boots on hand to replace the bad ones you find. You will also need a good repair manual, I recommend a Haynes Manual but anything that says that it is based on a complete teardown and rebuild of your vehicle will do.
Search for part number 615-188 at – it’s a best price!

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